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iPad: Not Just Another Flash in the Pan

January 31st, 2010

The sheer amount of discussion about who the iPad is aimed at and what they’re meant to do with it should be ringing alarm bells. Have Apple dropped the ball this time? Then again, as some have pointed out, those people asking questions are probably not part of the target market. So while the iPad now seems to be off to a shaky start, in time it will probably turn into a success as more apps, uses and features are introduced.

This is the first thing people are missing; it’s the software, not the hardware, that will make the iPad a success.

So the target market is supposedly people who want a simplified way of surfing the web, sending email and generally consuming various media? Yes, most definitely. It’s for people who want an alternative to a laptop or desktop computer? No, most definitely not.

This is the second thing most people seem to be overlooking; the simple fact is that you need to already have a laptop or desktop computer to sync the iPad with. You need to be familiar with a Mac or PC in order to use an iPad. You also need to have the most up to date OS to sync with an iPad too. This will mean a lot of people lining up for iPads will also need to upgrade their OS or in some cases their hardware. Just as the iPod before it did, the iPad will have a halo effect on other Apple products.

That’s really the key here; Apple don’t want to have another product to compete with their existing products. They want you to buy an iPad in addition to their other products.

So if you’ve already got an up-to-date Mac or PC and probably an iPod or iPhone (as Apple claim “millions and millions of people are already familiar with it” ie the iPhone OS), why then would you want or need an iPad?

It’s simple really. The iPad is aimed at the living space; the places where people relax and entertain. The places where an iPhone is too small, the laptop is too tedious and the desktop is too far away. In terms of a device for multiple people to consume and share media in the living room or kitchen, it’s perfect.

Running the iPhone OS and syncing from another machine makes sense too. It’s best kept simple. Who could really be bothered maintaining a whole other device on top of  their desktop/laptop?

Not running Flash on the other hand does make sense in terms of Apple wanting to maintain a certain level of control over the performance and overall experience on the device. However how can you claim it’s the best way of viewing the web when a decent proportion of it is replaced by little blue blocks?

When the iPhone was first released I thought it was awesome but I couldn’t really justify my need for one. My Nokia and my iPod were just fine. Now that I have an iPhone I couldn’t imagine be getting by without one. Interestingly I have since started using my old iPod in the living room. That’s where it lives and it’s incredibly handy. If only it were just a little bigger…

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Apple past, present and future

August 15th, 2009
Apple past, present and future

The Apple rumour mill is cranking up again and this time it’s the tablet. Tablet rumours have been around as long as touch technology itself, but this time they seem to be gaining real momentum. Obviously the Apple fan boys will snap up anything marked with the ubiquitous logo, but to the rest of us just how useful is an Apple tablet?

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