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How real people use the internet

February 22nd, 2010

What happens when an article about logging using Facebook Connect achieves a high ranking in Google? You get an extremely interesting and humorous insight into the way many people use the internet.

Rather than typing Facebook into the address bar, many Facebook users get to their beloved social media by searching Google for “Facebook login”. Unfortunately earlier this month Read Write Web published a post about Facebook Connect which appeared above the actual Facebook login in Google results. Believing Facebook had changed it’s design and unable to login, hundreds of disgruntled Facebook users began venting their frustration via the comments on Read Write Web.

Check out the first couple of pages of comments on ReadWriteWeb for a laugh.

From a UX perspective it’s particularly disturbing that so many people missed so many cues that they were on the wrong website. Even when other uses pointed out the mistake they still didn’t understand the mix up and kept commenting.

Trendspotting: Rich Autocomplete in Site Search

September 30th, 2009
Trendspotting: Rich Autocomplete in Site Search

Here’s an interesting (albeit brief) dissection of how rich autocomplete is used in some high profile online retail websites.

Trendspotting: Rich Autocomplete in Site Search | Get Elastic

Facebook and facelifts for

September 22nd, 2009
Facebook and facelifts for

Late last week we rolled out a significant update to The first thing you’ll notice is the revised header which now sports a much cleaner, lighter design with a prominent search box. Once you start a search you’ll really begin to notice the changes. The search results page has been completely redesigned for better scanability. You can also clearly see what other users are voting for and commenting on.

When you click on a result for more information you’ll find the details page has also been redesigned. The new, cleaner, lighter design makes it easy to find the information you need. You can read what other users are saying and leave your own comments. We’ve hooked up Citysearch with Facebook Connect so you can now sign in to Citysearch using your Facebook account. This makes leaving comments on Citysearch much easier and it also gives you the option of publishing the stuff you’ve found on Citysearch to your Facebook wall for your friends to see.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the new features as much as we do.

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